Vote YES on Measure H and Measure I

Measure H and Measure I will prevent cuts in personnel and elimination of essential services provided by this local life support ambulance service - including two 24/7, emergency response, ambulances stationed in Weaverville and Hayfork.

TCLS is a non-profit organization which has served our communities for over a quarter century. Due to changes in the health care system revenue cannot keep up with the cost of providing ambulance service.

Measure's H & I will turn TCLS into an essential Community Services District - with leadership elected by local voters. A Citizens Oversight Committee will ensure that funds are used solely for local emergency services.

Trinity County Life Support receives 1,500 calls for service each year. That's 1500 of our friends, neighbors, and family who are in need. Sometimes it's a matter of life and death. Our communities can't afford to  lose vital lifeline.

Please join your friends, neighbors and community members in voting YES on Measure H and Measure I. At some point, it may save the life of someone you love.

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